Every piece of furniture that we manufacture has a unique story – and each piece develops something similar to a personality.

I particularly love making furniture for young couples – I wonder what path it will accompany the couple on and how many times it will move along to a new home, a quiet witness to a growing family?

Sometimes we are asked to repair or repaint an old piece of furniture – and I wonder what stories it could tell, what it has all seen and heard …before it goes back home with a new lease on life.

I feel really blessed to be able to do what I do, and thank you all for your support and trust.
May you all have a wonderful day!

One of our first garden sets has pride of place in a friends patio – and I still love its simple rustic charm.

The unique red/white/grey cabinet, which has been carefully designed to complement the other furniture in a braai room – we hope it will see lots of cozy braais with family and friends!

Here is a just-not-white-enough coffee table  – we all groaned every time we looked at it and decided that it will need another coat of paint … Eventually the “all-white” could carry its real meaning.